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Thousands of small and medium enterprises in the United States rely on Blackstone Merchant Services.

Don’t Settle on Your Credit Card Processing…TRY THE BEST ! We provide businesses like yours with a variety of payment processing solutions to handle point of sale, eCommerce, and mobile transactions with security and ease. Our merchant solutions are designed for retailers of all sizes.

Blackstone Merchant Services offers a comprehensive suite of products for your business to grow. We offer a full line of payment processing solutions such as credit/debit, EBT, check acceptance verification, gift cards and many more products to take your business to the next level.

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    Point of Sale Systems

    POS Terminals that help you gain enhanced control of your business.

    Clover POS System

    Get more done with less work – Whether you own a five-star steakhouse or the frozen yogurt place around the corner, you’re focused on creating an outstanding customer experience. Our POS solutions can make it easier to do just that.

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    pcAmerica POS System

    The perfect POS for retail stores and restaurants. Self installable and easy to use with innovative touch usability.

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    Credit, Debit and EBT Processing

    Blackstone Merchant Services offers some of the most flexible credit acceptance options in the industry, enabling thousands of merchants nationwide with a variety of point-of-sale (POS) solutions.

    • Offer a greater range of choices in making payments
    • Improve cash flow
    • Increase sales
    • Save valuable counter space
    • Simplify deposit reconciliation processes
    • Automate electronic deposits
    • Minimize exposure to fraud losses
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    Sell Prepaid Products

    • Sell Long Distance phone cards, Prepaid Wireless cards, and other prepaid products with no live inventory to carry, lock, store, or count
    • Offer Quick, reliable, and affordable Bill Payment Services
    • Offer SUNPASS, and TOLL-BY-PLATE payment services and Replenishment
    • Convenient
    • Simple
    • Secure
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    Ecommerce | Virtual Gateway

    Whether you have a retail location or an e-business, we provide you with the PC and Internet Solutions you need to process payments at virtually any location. Our latest PC and Internet technology solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition with secure online transactions, and turn your existing computer equipment into a payment processing terminal.

    • Complete transactions from any Internet-ready PC
    • Grant transaction capability to any number of users
    • Schedule recurring billing
    • Eliminate software installations, upgrades, and system maintenance
    • Reduce your risk
    • Complete nightly batch and settlement from any location
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    Customized Giftcards

    Our Merchant Solutions enable you to deliver tailored promotions and rewards that inspire even greater purchasing behavior from your customers.

    • Influence desired customer behavior
    • Create customer brand loyalty
    • Reward profitable customers
    • Build valuable customer relationships
    • Increase opportunity for additional revenue
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