5 doable Holiday Tips for Busy Merchants

5 doable Holiday Tips for Busy Merchants
30 Nov 2018

The Holidays are around the corner and you still haven’t thought of your sales and marketing strategies? Don’t worry, we got your back! We have five easy steps you can take towards having a boost in sales during this special time. Read on, and use Blackstone Merchant Services to make unforgettable sales!

  • Embrace the Holiday Spirit!

Either you have an online store or a brick-and-mortar, it is important for your customers to know that you have embraced the Holiday feels! Put on some lights, create festive banners, put a little Holiday decoration on your logo and e-mail signature. People like to feel the Holiday vibes when shopping for special occasions, and these easy steps can set the mood for a memorable user experience.

  • Cross-Sell your products:

Do you have a best-seller? Pair it with another product and create a special Holiday bundle! It is easier for customers so they don’t have to think on how to put up the “perfect gift”. Also, if you sell a product regularly, create a recurring billing process so they keep shopping even when the Holidays are over. We offer this amazing service so you don’t even have to worry, just ask our team about our gateway solutions!

  • Offer free treats!

Free wrapping or shipping can be the decisive point of when customers are researching for products to gift their loved ones. This can make their decision to choose your business way easier!

  • Get personal:

If you are a brick-and-mortar store, it is easier to personalize the customer experience. Having them come into a nice store, be called by the name, offered a cup of water or tea can make them feel welcome and comfortable while shopping with you. For online retailers, suggesting paired products, or posting insights on what to buy for each personality, are ways to engage with the customer and increase your sales!

  • Protect yourself (and your customer!):

This is the most important thing you can do for you and your customers during the busy Holiday Season. With volumes increasing, it is more likely for companies and clients to be unprotected against fraud. At Blackstone, we highly recommend 100% usage of EMV smart chip terminals. Train your employees to choose to insert the card other than swiping it, so you are protected against cloned cards! If you do not own one, we at Blackstone offer high-quality POS systems that can cater to your business!